Dealers of Destiny UO is bringing the largest add-on of all time. The plans for this add-on is now under construction and will include.

  • Hopefully the full list of renowned creatures in many of the mini champion spawn scattered in Stygian Abyss
  • A wide range of new artifacts from these new creatures
  • All the renowneds have the chance to drop a number of artifacts unique to this server
  • New quests for Legendary items including a cloak, Aegis shield and a ring of health
  • New way of gaining Legendary items through the gathering of Mystic Orbs. These Orbs can be given to the quest giver to get the new items.
  • The chance to purchase Mystic Orbs in bulk.
  • Increase of maximum stat level to 450 giving you the chance to increase all stats to 150.
  • A new evolution creature to tame, bond and grow.