We have currently added a brand new system.

We now have GM’s that you can call upon if you find yourself in trouble. Simply click on your help icon on your paperdoll and a GM will appear.

Once there, they can help with various things. Be warned, if you start swearing at them, they will put you in jail.

serverinfo Will show the current status of the web site, bit pointless really as you are already in game and its on.

You need to type the following while the GM is there to get a response.

tosagreement, serverrules Takes you to the current shard rules

meetourstaff, showcredits Do nothing

reportplayer, reportlag, reportguild, reportdefect allows you to report various issues in game.

livesupport We do not have live support

teleportme, relocateme Will transport you elsewhere if you find yourself stuck

retrievepets Gathers all your pets currently out in the wilderness

retrievebody Grabs your body in case of a sudden lack of life. A GM cannot revive you however.

accounthelp This has been deactivated at the moment.

You might find the GM will offer you a free gift too.