Winecrafting is a new skill in our shard. The idea is to craft wines from various grapes.

It starts by visiting Empath Abbey Winery and grabbing hold of a few items.

Winecrafing on UOYou will need :-

  • Grapevine Placement tool
  • Winecrafting tool
  • Label Making tool
  • Empty Kegs
  • Empty Bottles
  • Yeast
  • Sugar

Double clicking your grapevine placement tool gives you the option to place grapevines. Vines can be placed on grass or dirt tiles, so you will need to design your house to place these tiles as required.

You may also place vines up to 5 squares away from your house in all directions. Remember when placing them you will need to make sure there is a gap all around to get the grapes.

Once placed, you can then start grabbing the grapes from the vines. There are 11 types of grapes each giving a different taste.

Winecrafting tools on UOWhen you have some grapes you can then start making some wine. Getting excited yet?

The tool that looks like it should belong in a chemist shop is the winecrafting tool. Double click on this and you will then get the menu to craft your desired wine.

By choosing the grape taste at the bottom, it will show which grapes you have and how many of them you have.

You will need to make sure you have 50 of the desired grape along with 1 barrel, 1 bag of yeast and 1 jar of sugar.

The winecrafting skill is based on your alchemy, here is the required levels for the wines in question.

Winecrafting skill on UOCabernet Sauvignon Grapes: 80.0

Chardonnay Grapes: 80.0

Merlot Grapes: 80.0

Pinot Noir Grapes: 80.0

Zinfandel Grapes: 80.0

Chenin Blanc Grapes: 85.0

Riesling Grapes: 85.0

Sangiovese Grapes: 90.0

Sauvignon Blanc Grapes: 90.0

Shiraz Grapes: 90.0

Viognier Grapes: 99.0

Winecrafting skill on UOWhen you have selected the grapes, you will need to click the Wines button.

After which there is only one button you could possibly press and that is Keg of Wine.

If you have enough of Alchemy you will attempt to make the Keg of Wine.

Failure can come at a price, you could lose every single grape you tried to create the wine with. Stands to reason really, if you mess a keg of and you stood there crushing all them grapes with your smelly feet, its highly unlikely anybody would want to have any wine with any grape that you saved.

Winecrafting skill in UOIf you were successful enough to craft a keg of wine, then congratulations, that well deserved party is getting closer.

Using the label making tool enables you to add a label to kegs, bottles and the tool itself.

A standard keg of wine will show the vinyard name, the grape name and how much is in it.

Winecrafting skill on UOCrafting an exceptional keg will add the Special Reserve mark to the keg. This is a better wine and the wine seller in Empath Abbey would gladly give you more money for a reserve wine.

All you have to do now is wait 7 days to put your lovely distilled wine into bottles.