Animal Taming Bod ContractorUnfortunately not as extravigant or complex as the normal BOD system, but a rather crude version.

I have designed this myself as I could not find a stand alone Taming Bod System.

All you have to do is seek out Lyla, who you will find at Lord British’s stables inside the castle.

Taming BOD system contractLyla will then give you a Taming Contract, you will need to complete this contract before you can claim your prize.

The contract tells you how many of what creature is required to fill the order.

It will also show how many you have tamed and of course the value of the contract.

There are 82 different types of contracts ranging from standard domestic creatures to weird named creatures up to massive monster style creatures including Greater Dragons, Fire Steeds and Raptors.

Once you have tamed the creature, open the BOD and click on the ‘Tamed’ button to get a target. Select the creature you wish to add to the BOD.

Taming Bod system paymentYou will then receive the contracted number of Taming Coins shown on the contract.

These will be dropped straight into your bank account.

To spend your well earned coins, visit the Taming vendor who will give you a list of items that are available for your earnings.

These could range from Pet Leashes, to Animal Taming Powerscrolls and Pet Bonding deeds.

Check the vendor for a full list of items.

Please Note, If you try and tame a creature that is required on your contract and it says; That Creature is not wanted. The creature may be a pregnant mother and the system will not take them