The Galleons have arrived, however they will be updated as the newer versions come on, but I am sure you will be able to cope with them at the moment.

To get your Galleon, all you have to do is visit the Galleon Master. Avie can be found at a very famous Dock.

Avie the Galleon Master

Each Galleon costs 200,000 gold pieces. You are going to need a massive space to place your Galleon.

Brittanian Galleon

To access the ship, you will receive a key in your bag. You will need to double click the key and target the dock ropes on the side of the ship to unlock it.

Once unlocked, you can double click the dock ropes to access the ship.

You will then be able to control the ship in the normal way.

At the moment, you connot effectively dismount the ship by standard means, I intend to place dock ropes on all docks around the land for you to disembark. However, you will need to use recall, gate travel, sacred journey or teleport.

If you do use a spell to leave your boat, remember where you left it. You cannot get back to the boat if you forget where it was.

Some features coming to the ship later will be:-

  • Recall to key to get on the boat
  • Lock downs on the ship including cannons
  • Drydock the ship
  • Other items too.

This is a life long ship. Do not lose it.