AzureRules, Regulations and Terms and Conditions

  1. Dealers of Destiny Ultima Online Freeshard is a Free to Play shard. However, to help keep the shard going, donations are very welcome.
  2. There is no age limit to play on the server.
  3. Be aware that young people play Dealers of Destiny Freeshard, under no circumstances must you:-
    1. Not abuse other players, sexually, verbally, racially, ethnically or any other form that can be related to any form of abuse.
    2. Not ask for any passwords and / or act as part of the Gamesmaster team. Nobody at Dealers of Destiny Freeshard will ever ask for login details.
  4. At Dealers of Destiny Freeshard a single character can have 100% on every skill. The skill cap is set so that you can reach maximum on every skill. There is room to increase skill levels further with powerscrolls.
  5. As of rule 4, there is only 1 character active for any one account.
  6. You should be able to set up, up to 4 accounts at any one IP address.
  7. At present we have the ability to have 2 houses per account. Sometime the purchase of 2 houses means that 1 will start to decay. If you find that your house has a condition on it , i.e. ‘Condition: This house is like new’ right to ‘Condition: This house is in danger of collapsing’ you will need to contact a GM to set your house to not decay.
  8. DoD do not hold any responsibility if you fail to contact them before your house decays..
  9. Do not ask to become a GM, Counselor or any other member of the team. We will post a notice when we are looking for staff members.
  10. The Freeshard is Free to Play but we do have some electronic purchases for you to help with the cost of running the server.
  11. Donations are gratefully received, but this is not for the commitment from the Dealers of Destiny team to safeguard the usage of donation gifts.
  12. Dealers of Destiny Freeshard uses scripts which can be located on other freeshards. However, these scripts could be edited to enhance the play on our Freeshard.
  13. Evolution Dragons are born tamed and not Bonded. You have to physically bond with the dragon.
  14. Bank Crystals are available for £3.00 which gives you access to the bank anywhere in the land. These have timers of 30 days, after which these will be deleted.
  15. Dealers of Destiny are not responsible for replacing any items. The ONLY time that Dealers of Destiny will replace items is if a server crash has occured.
  16. All attempts are made to keep the server running 24/7. However, it is understandable that at times server crashes are possible. If a crash has happened, we will try to rectify the problem. Dealers of Destiny team have no responsibility to return items due to any crashes. If a major crash has occured it is possible that the server may revert to an earlier saved position.
  17. NEW You must not use third party software, or use Unattended Macroing. Our systems now check for these and action will then be taken against you.
  18. NEW This is an internet game and lag is to be expected. Sometimes the lag will be bad and others you wont noticed any problems. This problem is not caused by us but by internet usage. Everybody will suffer at times from lag. So please:-
    • DO NOT continuously whinge or complain about how slow the game is running.
    • DO NOT continuously pester other players asking if they are suffering the same.
  19. NEW Failure to abide with rule 18 could result a short ban and a spell in jail.