is part of a philosophy within Ultima Online known as the Virtues, and is
one of eight pursuits within the Virtue system. The Virtue of Compassion has
been described thusly:

is nonjudgmental empathy for one’s fellow creatures.

Players will be
able to pursue the Virtue of Compassion by assisting non-player escorts and

Gaining Compassion:

Characters will be able to gain points in Compassion in one of two ways:

  • Successfully
    completing an NPC escort quest. (Haven escorts are an exception; characters
    will not be able to gain Compassion points from Haven escorts.)

  • Successfully
    completing a NPC prisoner quest. (The amount of points gained for completing
    a prisoner quest will be more than those gained for completing an escort

Points in Compassion
may be earned up to five times in a given day, and characters that are [young]
will not be able to earn Compassion points.

Virtuous Title & Abilities:

When a character has achieved any number of Compassion points, he is considered
to have achieved a certain step on the path of Compassion. When a player moves
his cursor over the Compassion symbol, a title will be displayed, indicating
the step currently achieved in Compassion for that character.

  • First step:
    Seeker of Compassion

  • Second step:
    Follower of Compassion

  • Third step:
    Knight of Compassion

Players who progress
any number of steps on the path of Compassion, but do not continue to actively
pursue it, may discover that this Virtuous title reduces in steps over time.
Gaining steps in Compassion will grant a character the ability to improve
the results when resurrecting characters other than himself. Characters resurrected
in this manner will return to life with a higher number of Hits than which
they would normally resurrect.

  • First step:
    Resurrected character returns to life with 20% of their maximum Hits.

  • Second step:
    Resurrected character returns to life with 40% of their maximum Hits.

  • Third step:
    Resurrected character returns to life with 80% of their maximum Hits.

This ability may
be used as often as the player wishes.

Note: you must have the ability to resurrect through the use of spells
or Healing skill in order to benefit from the use of this Virtue.