Due to recent events, I have had to create this page with regards to what can a GM do or cannot do.

Housing has been a big issue recently and a few people have blamed the game or me for losing parts of their house.

The game is set up so that all houses decay. This is a natural process of the game. But because some people have a GM placed house, mostly where two or more plots are butted up close to each other it set a different set of rules.

What happens is that when a GM places a house it becomes ‘blessed’ so to speak. However, when a house is transferred to the player that house remains blessed, but the first one then sets to decay.

This becomes the players responsibility and nothing to do with a game error, problems with an account, or the GM’s or Owners fault.

To enable the decay of the house it need a door somewhere in the structure and this needs to be opened on a regular basis. No responsibility will be taken from now to place a replacement property. Players are allowed 2 properties in the game, ALL HOUSES decay. For more information about visit http://www.uoguide.com/House_Decay

So what can GM’s do or not do?

  1. GM’s are there to help only, for non important matters including being stuck visit http://dealers-of-destiny.co.uk/?page_id=144
  2. GM’s do not replace lost items. Items are your responsibility and care should be taken to ensure that they are not lost.
  3. GM’s are not allowed to give free items.
  4. GM’s are not allowed to alter players stats or skills.
  5. GM’s are not allowed to teleport you to another part of the game.
  6. Although GM’s can locate your pets, they cannot revive or replace lost pets.
  7. GM’s do not have the ability to bring back to life pets that are lost through the shrink system.