The Evolution Dragon on Dealers of Destiny is a lot different from any other server. We beleive that even though an Evo is probably one of the most powerful pet in the game, you should not be given such an easy ride.

A dragon starts as an egg.

Evolution Dragon Egg

The does not weight anything.

It takes a bit of time before it is ready to hatch. The dragon appears on the floor near your feet.





Evolution Dragon HatchlingThe Dragon Hatchling comes out as a snake.

All hatchlings are hatched as TAME and not bonded.

As long as you have the minimum taming skill of 59.1 you can start the bonding process.

The taming skill relates to the control. To make sure you can have enough control over your Evo Dragon, at the minimum taming skill you will have 100% control ability.

Evolution Dragons evolve into larger and larger dragons. The process is monitored by Kill Points. Kill Points are not visable to the player.

The hatchling requires just 25,000 KP to evolve to the next stage.

Evolution Dragon SerpentThe next stage of the evolution dragon evolves into a Giant Serpent.

If you havent bonded your dragon by now, you will need a minimum taming skill of 70.4 before you can start the bonding process.

This level Evo requires 75,000 KP before it evolves in the next stage.

Evolution Dragon Lava LizardAt this stage the Evo Dragon now develops legs.

Once the dragon reaches this level it requires 80.7 taming skill before you can bond with it.

It now requires 175,000 KP to evolve into the next stage.

Evolution Dragon Drake The Evolution Dragon has now developed its wings.

She is now getting powerful and hence the control now starts becoming a factor. At this stage the dragon requires 84.3 minimum taming to bond and have 100% control.

Kill Points required has now jumped to 3,750,000 before she evolves into the larger dragon.


Evolution Dragon Dragon The Evolution Dragon has now evolved into a formidable beast. At this stage she is really powerful.

She will take on a lot of monsters with ease, but the minimum taming and control level has to be at 93.9. Anything less than this and she will disobey you, and if you annoy her too much she will return wild.

A little respect of her power is required and she will return it.

Her Kill Points require before evolving further is 7,750,000.


Evolution Dragon Ancient WyrmmShe has now developed into a prestigious beast and a lot of respect is required for this beautiful creature.

She now requires 104.7 minimum animal taming to begin the bonding process if you havent done so by now.

Anything less than that and she will return wild and most likely you will be her first victim.

There is just one more level she will go. To reach that level she needs 15,000,000 KP.

Evolution Dragon the Ancient WyrmThis level is no longer available. These dragons were deemed too UBER.

At this level she is at her peak.

She is now probably the most powerful beast on Dealers of Destiny.

Demand for control is paramount. She now need nothing short of 114.1 taming to be able to contol fully.

This means that you will need nothing less than a 120 powerscroll in Animal Taming to be able to fully control this fantastic creature.

Evolution Dragon Dust

You can speed up the evolution by adding Dragon Dust to the dragon.

Each of the Dragon Dust adds 5 KP’s to the Dragon. It doesnt sound much but when you start gathering dust 100 dust can add 500 KP’s

By simply dragging the dust onto the dragon, she will absorb the dust and grow a little more.

If you drag the dust onto the dragon and it passes the required Kill Points to evolve, she wont actually evolve untill her next attack where she will get hit herself.

Dragon Breeding is a long process. Evolution Dragon females are actually born with their first egg. Once she reaches the Ancient Dragon stage she is ready for mating. She can only mate with another Ancient.

Only female Dragons can initialise the mating process. By double clicking on the Dragon, if she is ready, she will able to target the male dragon and if its the first egg, you should be able to receive an egg straight away.

Once she has dropped her egg, she will not be ready for mating for at least 21 days. If you try mating her before this period she will not fight while she is producing another egg.

Please note these dragons are powerful and need to be treated with respect, in return she will be a formidable fighting machine. So make sure you have the required skill to control them and for them to have the worthy master it needs..