Features included in this system:

– Public or regional chatting
– Channel creation or removal
– Guild, Alliance, Faction and IRC chatting
– Channel listings with simple navigation
– Ignoring, banning, listening, global listening
– Filtering and spam prevention
– In-game integrated IRC client
– Multi-server chat connection tool
– Automated player notification system
– Searchable help contents
– Localized text file for easy language changes

Commands included in this system: 

– You control the commands for your public channels!
– Public: C, Ch
– Guild: G, Guild
– Alliance: A, Ally
– Faction: F, Faction
– Multi Server: Mu
– Private Message: Pm, Msg (Followed by a player’s name and text to include in message)
– Mail: Ma, Mail
– Friends: F, Friends
– Staff: St, Staff
– View all: Va
– Staff Announcements: All
– Help Contents: Hc
– Errors: ChatErrors, CE

Interface details:

Most of you have been here before! For all you newer folks, here’s a short take on this Chat system. You log into the game, type in the usual [c or [ch to open the menu. There you’ll see your first channel list, with all the players who are currently in the public channel, if your server has that channel enabled!

There’s a number of useful buttons on that first page. Up on the top-left are little arrows to change the number of names that appear on the list, from 5 to 15. On the right you’ll see the ‘M’, ‘S’ and ‘Q’ buttons. The ‘M’ is the menu, which will open up on the right, and will list available channels, allow you to join or view them, change the view to others types like Mail and Friend listings, and finally allow you to change the many options available to you. ‘S’ is for Search, which filters your list by whatever you chose. Lastly, ‘Q’ gives you tiny little buttons next to each name for fast access to features like Friend, Ignore, Pm, and more for staffers.