Spell Crafting is a system that can add attributes to weapons, armour and jewelery.

Although spellcrafting jewels can be bought at the Spellcrafter you can still gather some as loot from particular mages.

Spellcrafting Mages

These mages can be found in 2 locations. Dungeon Doom and Dungeon Fire deepest depths.

These mages might carry some of the elements required to create the Spellcrafting Books

Book of Spell Crafting

First thing you need is a book of SpellCrafts.

When you find these, you start dropping Spellcrafting Jewels on to it.

Spell Crafting Jewel

This one is for Lower Mana Cost. Drag this jewel and place on the of Spell Crafting

Magic Jewels

Placing the Spellcrafting Jewel onto the book wont make it work. You need Magic Jewels which is the books power. Each Jewel allows 1 attempt at placing the desired spell onto an item.

You can then open the book

Spellcraft Book

You then get your basic item and click the blue gem next to the spell you require on the item.

Basic Armour

If succesful, the desired spell will be added to the item.

Enhanced Armour