The ATS works purely by itself.

Tournament SystemTo start, you have to visit the Tournament master at the fighting pit in Jhelom where all the games are located.

Double click on him and simply click on the Join arrow, then wait for the tournament to start.

You could sign up days before the tournament is played.

Tournament SystemThe system will start to work at the pre-determined time and will automatically draw contestants into the fighting pit.

When the contestants are drawn in, they will immobolised and will have a brick wall between them.

You will need this time to prepare your strategy. Prepare magic, cast paladin spells etc

You will not be able to target the opponent at this time until the wall dissappears.

You will also be given the warning.

Tournament System

After this time the wall will dissappear and you will be able to move. You will be able to start fighting with whatever means you feel fit.

Tournaments could be set to disable magic weapons, disable all or certain spells or even disable healing.

Tournament SystemAfter a bout, you will be returned to the jump position.

You will not lose any Fame or Karma

You will not lose any items

You will not need to get rezzed

The tournament is for fun only and must be treated as such.

The winner of the tournament will receive a prize.

If there is enough players in the tournament, there may be a second or third prize winners.