This little add-on just adds new languages to the game to make the game more role-playing.

There are 8 different languages set to come into the game these are:-

Drow : Spoken by Dark Elves
Elven : Spoken by Normal Elves
Orc : Spoken by Orcs and Orc kind
Undead : Spoken by dead creatures
Common : Normal spoken language
Druidic : Spoken by Druids
Umbravox : Spoken by the Dark people of Umbra
Abyssal : Spoken by the creatures of Abyss

You will need to learn the languages before you are able to speak it. There will be quests to help you gather tomes to learn the language.

Once you have learnt the language, you need to use the command to start speaking.


To start speaking normal language you use the command [SpeakCommon