Legendary Items learn while you fight. During battle each item will learn experience points and these points will build items by levels.

As the levels go up, the item is then able to be enhanced the way you want it.

You are only allowed to have 1 of each legendary item, i.e. 1 bow, 1 sword, 1 shield etc.

Legendary Weapons

Each item is still able to break, or get lost, or be the same as any other item in game. So… be careful, you will only get 1.

Be warned, these weapons can be upgraded just like any other item in the game. But be careful, some enhancements check the normal game maximum for the item and WILL reset it.

To receive these items you will need to go through some quests to get them. Some are easy, some are hard.

Maxinus the ArcherBow Quest : Reward = Legendary Composite Bow
Ease of Quest : EasyMedium

Quest Starter : Maxinus The Archer

Location : Yew

He will ask you to hunt down and find a vendor. All you need to do then, is purchase something and bring it back to him to claim your prize. Easy? We shall see.

Neway the BrummieSword Quest : Reward = Legendary Dragons Teeth Sword
Ease of Quest : HardVery Hard

Quest Starter : Neway The Brummie

Location : Britain

Neway, knowing how bad things have got has resided himself to working out the magical problems upstairs in a mage shop. Where else? He will send you to retrieve some magical items in return for the sword.

Nasus the NagShield Quest : Reward = Legendary Medusa Shield
Ease of Quest : MediumHard

Quest Starter : Nasus The Nag

Location : Zento

You will be asked to travel to find an evil Gorgon. You will then need to return with an object to receive your reward.

Vincent the Vorpal SpecialistKRYSS QUEST : Reward = Legendary Vorpal Blade
Ease of Quest : Very Hard

Quest Starter : Vincent the Vorpal Specialist

Location : Britain

You will be asked to enter into a champion spawn to retrieve a skull to return to revieve the reward.


ChangHELMET QUEST: Reward = Legendary Spider Helm
Ease of Quest : Very Hard

Quest Starter : Chang Cedric White

Location : Luna

You will be asked to enter into a champion spawn to retrieve a skull to return to revieve the reward. Be warned, read what he says completely. It will be the only way in.

Cape Quest : Legendary Cloak

Ease of Quest : Easy but long

Quest Starter: Alex Greenway

Location : Tokuno – Zento

Alex will tell you of him needing mystic Orbs.

Gauntlet Quest = Legendary Inquisitors Resolution Gauntlets

Ease of Quest : Easy but long

Quest Starter : Mathias Plumb

Location : Moonglow

Mathias will tell you of the Gaunlets of the Inquistitor. He needs some mystic orbs to create them.

You just need to find them. Not so easy.

Boots Quest : Coming Soon

Dinky the SacrificerRing Quest : Reward = Legendary Ring of Kalibos
Ease of Quest : MediumHard

Quest Starter : Dinky The Sacrificer

Location : Jhelom

You will find Dinky drowning his sorrows. He has sent so many good people to their deaths. The people who are probably going to return one day to kill him. He will send you to kill a foul creature, or even stop him from coming to get him.

Bracelet Quest : Reward = Legendary Bracelet

Ease of Quest : Unknown

Quest Starter : Lerrad The Jailer

Location : Yew

This one may be hard for some. You will be told of a Player Killer and his guild located somewhere north of Trinsic on the Felucca facet.

Aegis Shield Quest : Legendary Aegis Shield

Ease of Quest : Easy but Long

Quest Starter : Hector Humble

Location :  Umbra

Again, needing Mystic Orbs

Bracelet Quest : Legendary Bracelet of Health

Ease of Quest : Easy but Long

Quest Starter : Pete Parkes

Location : Umbra

Needing Mystic Orbs